21-23 November, 2018

Department of Physics, Assam University Diphu Campus


List of Accepted Contributions for ORAL/POSTER presentation

*Oral presentations will be of 15 minutes each (12 min presentation + 3 minutes discussion)

*Posters should be confined within a space of 1m x 1m

Abstract Id: P01001

Title: Microwave AttenuationProperties of PAEG-NPRComposite

Presenter: Utpaljyoti Mahanta

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01002

Title: Perforated DallenbachMicrowave AbsorberBased on DielectricPolyaniline PhenolicResin composite for Xbandapplications

Presenter: Utpaljyoti Mahanta

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01003

Title: Chemically synthesized DNAinduced CdS/PbS core/shellnanoparticles for probingbiosensors: Structural andOptical Properties studies

Presenter: Dewananda Das

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01004

Title: AC conductivity andModulus studies of Al-dopedLa2Mo2O9

Presenter: GyatiTachangTado

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01005

Title: Investigation on opticalproperties of thermallyevaporated molybdenumoxide films as a function filmthickness and postdepositionannealing temperature

Presenter: A T TMostako

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01006

Title: Electron Life Time (t) in traplevels of Dy3+ activatedCalcium Di Aluminate:Implications in TL Dosimetry

Presenter: Nara Singh Moirangthem

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01007

Title: Structural properties of V2O5nanocrystals

Presenter: Pratima Borah

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01008

Title: Effect of post deposition annealing temperature and source-substrate distance on crystal structure and surface morphology of thermally evaporated molybdenum oxide films

Presenter: Dibya Jyoti Borah

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01009

Title: Optical properties study of lead chalcogenide semiconductor doped by Mg atom using DFT

Presenter: Rahul Bhattacharjee

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01010

Title: Electrochemical Behaviour of Ternary MoS2/rGO Heterostructure and PPyNTs Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Electrode

Presenter: DevalinaSarmah

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01011

Title: Structural study of PVA capped ZnO nanoparticles based on X-Ray Line Profile analysis

Presenter: Gunjan Patwari

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01012

Title: Thermoluminescence ofundoped and Cu doped CdSnanoparticles

Presenter: Subhajit Chakraborty

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01013

Title: Study Of Electrical And MagneticProperties Of Multiferroic Composite (BiFeO3)X(Ba5TbTi3V7 O30)1-X

Presenter: HageDoley

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01014

Title: Coexistence of gas and liquid phases of a simple uid at T < Tc.

Presenter: Yatendra S Jain

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01015

Title: Advances in microscopic theory of simple uids.

Presenter: Yatendra S Jain

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01016

Title: Comparative study of oscillator strengths in dye and metal doped silica glasses

Presenter: Sangita Dihingia

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01017

Title: Oxygen annealed ZnO–La2O3 TFTs fabricated using CBD technique on glass substrates

Presenter: ParagjyotiGogoi

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01018

Title: Lie Algebraic Study Of The Vibrational Spectra Of Cyanogen Chloride

Presenter: Mahua Acharjee

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01019

Title: Theoretical Modeling and Simulation of Thin Film Memristor

Presenter: Nayan Mani Nath

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01020

Title: Determination of electron trapping parameters: A Revisit to Urbach’s Formula

Presenter: ThoudamBasanta Singh

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01021

Title: Design and simulation studies of CdTe and CIGS based solar cell

Presenter: Kshirud Chandra Handique

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01022

Title: Mapping of Electron-Hole Probability Distribution within Spherical Quantum Dot

Presenter: DutemSiboh

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01023

Title: Pair potential, binding energy, Z and related aspects of fluid Argon

Presenter: SimantaChutia

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01024

Title: Dynamics of correlatedbosons in a quantumseesaw potential

Presenter: Sunayana Dutta

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P01025

Title: SEM and TEM analysis of Dy-doped SrAl2O4

Presenter: Sujata Tongbram

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01026

Title: Design of Mercury (Hg+2) sensor by using FRET

Presenter: Jaba Saha

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01027

Title: Clay-organic hybrid film: Suitable for naked eye colorimetric sensor

Presenter: Surajit Sarkar

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P01028

Title: Polydiacetylene and Imidazole mixed self-standing films for colorimetric detection of various volatile organic analytes.

Presenter: Sudip Suklabaidya

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02001

Title: Design and testing of a bit error rate tester in a visible light communication setup incorporating optoelectronic devices

Presenter: Sujit Chatterjee

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02002

Title: Impact of El Niño Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole over North East India during South-WestMonsoon

Presenter: KumarjitSaha

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P02003

Title: Simulation of power line channels in a graphical user interface platform for indoor power line communication

Presenter: Priya Sarma

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02004

Title: Rainfall estimation by classifying precipitation systems into convective and stratiform precipitations at Gadanki( 13.50N,79.20E)

Presenter: Anal Chandra Sarma

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02005

Title: A study of asynchronous impulsive noise in indoor power line with applications to power line communication

Presenter: Rubi Baishya

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02006

Title: Response of equatorial and low latitude ionosphere during the severe G4-class geomagnetic storm of 8th September 2017

Presenter: Bapan Paul

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02007

Title: District-wise rainfall trend analysis under Brahmaputra and Barak valley of Assam

Presenter: Ashok Singh

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02008

Title: Comparison of ionosphericresponse of two geomagneticstorms occurred during twoequinox periods of 2016: A casestudy of an EIA crest region

Presenter: Arup Patari

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P02009

Title: Long term study on aerosols and trace gases over Guwahati by using remote sensing data

Presenter: Jhuma Biswas

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P02010

Title: Development and study of an online weather monitoring system using indoor power line

Presenter: Rubi Baishya

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P03001

Title: Spectroscopic analysis of Sm3+ co-doped with ZnS NPs in sol-gel silica glasses

Presenter: DibyajyotiKakoty

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P03002

Title: Raman and Surface-enhancedRaman scattering (SERS)spectroscopic studies ofmedicinal plant

Presenter: DrymariaCordata Neelam Kuma

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P03003

Title: Ag NP Enhanced Photoluminescence Study of Sm3+ ions in sol-gel silica glasses

Presenter: NibeditaDehingia

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P03004

Title: Spectroscopic behaviour of Eu3+ in presence of Ligands PPIA and TOPO in sol-gel silica glasses

Presenter: NavaneetaRajkonwar

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P03005

Title: Structural and Optical Studies of Sm3+ ion doped in CdS nanoparticles in silica host

Presenter: Uzair Khan

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P03006

Title: Investigation of paraxial and nonparaxial selffocusing of Gaussian beam in chalcogenide glass medium using NLSE

Presenter: Chironjit Hazarika

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04001

Title: Measurement of fusion excitation functions around the Coulomb barrier for 18O + 116Sn system.

Presenter: Nabendu Kumar Deb

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04002

Title: Study of lateral density distributions of Cherenkov photons in extensive air showers at primary energy 50 GeV

Presenter: Prity Rekha Das

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04003

Title: Study of deformation effects on the sub- barrier fusion cross section in 28Si + 61Ni and 18O+160Dy

Presenter: Harun Al Rashid

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P04004

Title: Study of Alpha-tracks in Overhead Projector (OHP) Sheet plastic Track Detector

Presenter: Amar Das

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P04005

Title: Study Of Small X Behaviour Of Unintegrated Gluon Distribution Constraining Gluon Evolution In Md-Bfkl Equation

Presenter: PragyanPhukan

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04006

Title: Q2 Evolution Of Gluon Distribution Function Inside The Hadrons With Both Shadowing And Antishadowing Effect

Presenter: MadhurjyaLalung

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04007

Title: Masses and Decay constants of Heavy light mesons in a variational approach

Presenter: Jugal Lahkar

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04008

Title: An analysis of two-loop effects in masses and decay constants of heavy flavoured mesons in a QCD potential model

Presenter: Rashidul Hoque

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P04009

Title: Phenomenological study oftexture zeros of fermion massmatrices in minimal extendedseesaw mechanism

Presenter: Priyanka Kumar

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P04010

Title: Neutrinoless double beta decay and baryogenesis in left-right symmetric model

Presenter: Happy Borgohain

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04011

Title: Black Hole Mass Estimation of ULXs And Its Dependence On Model Parameters

Presenter: A Chandrajit Singha

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04012

Title: Spectral Study Of X-Ray Sources In Galaxies NGC 4382 and NGC 1399

Presenter: S Rita Devi

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04013

Title: A model of deuteron structure function at small x

Presenter: LuxmiMachahari

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P04014

Title: Measurements of indoor radon/thoron and their decay products in and around Guwahati using track-etch technique

Presenter: DebajyotiBarooah

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04015

Title: Study of Gravitational Deflection of Light ray

Presenter: Saswati Roy

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P04016

Title: A study of wormhole Geometries

Presenter: Anshuman Baruah

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P05001

Title: Nature Friendly Cleaning: the Detergency of Hamburger Seed

Presenter: Asha Tongbram

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P05002

Title: Alkylation of DNA Purine Bases by Alkyl free Radicals

Presenter: Swarnadeep Biswas

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P05003

Title: Some studies on magnetic properties of neuron and its embedding medium

Presenter: Chandana Dutta

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P05003

Title: Some studies on magnetic properties of neuron and its embedding medium

Presenter: Chandana Dutta

Oral/Poster: Poster

Abstract Id: P06001

Title: Studies on gas-phase nitridation of tungsten under ITER divertor like plasma conditions

Presenter: PubaliDihingia

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P06002

Title: Plasma synthesis of silver-carbon nanocomposites for water treatment

Presenter: GopikishanSabavath

Oral/Poster: Oral

Abstract Id: P06003

Title: Evidence of virtual anode and cathode in an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device

Presenter: DonneyJigdung

Oral/Poster: Oral


Awards for Best Oral and Best Poster Presentations from contributors below 35 years of age.

e-book vouchers from Springer to two best oral and two best poster presentations. Winners can use the Vouchers to procure e-books of their choice from Springer web shop.